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Understanding the Candidate Experience for Job Seekers with Disabilities Guide


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More than 70% of disabilities are non-apparent. Yet, individuals with disabilities face an unemployment rate more than twice that of those without. This disparity represents untapped potential and an opportunity for your business to lead with inclusivity and innovation.

Download The Guide:
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Unlock Inclusive Hiring

  • Understand the Reality: Discover most workplace accommodations are surprisingly affordable, with 59% costing absolutely nothing.
  • Combat Unconscious Bias: Learn to navigate unconscious biases that might affect your hiring decisions and explore how to approach candidate interactions thoughtfully.
  • Practical Tips for Accessibility: From ensuring your social media posts are accessible to providing flexible work schedules, this guide offers actionable steps to make your company more inclusive.
  • Boost Your Brand: Demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity isn’t just good practice—it amplifies your brand to a community of motivated job seekers, including women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

"Part of the problem is that we tend to think that equality is about treating everyone the same, when it’s not. It’s about fairness. It’s about equity of access."

Judith Heumann
Disability Rights Advocate