Unleashing Opportunities: A Virtual Career Fair

Connect with upskilled talent from over 150 non-profits on February 29th. CareerCircle gives you direct access to a diverse talent pool. Let our recruiters prescreen talent to fit your job openings for the event.


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Participation Perks

Unleash potential with CareerCircle's talent pool of over 100,000 members and tap into a pool of job-ready professionals. We weave DEI and skills-based recruitment together, crafting a workforce as diverse as the challenges you face.

Diverse Talent Discovery

Connect with members from over 150 non-profits to bring diverse talent to teams.

Ready To Work Talent

Engage an upskilled workforce ready for industry-specific challenges.

Streamlined Recruitment

Instant resume access and seamless virtual interviews. Maintain a pipeline of prospects for future positions.

Strategic Acquisition

We preselect candidates from a diverse talent pool to align with your business needs.

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Advocacy changes everything

It's time to rethink qualified. CareerCircle is on a mission to close the opportunity divide and develop the workforce of tomorrow.  We look at the whole person first to find the hidden attributes that people wouldn’t typically think qualify them for a career.

By taking a 360º view to uncover skills, interests, and passions that build confidence in the candidate, we then offer training to fill skills gaps and champion their hire with some of the country’s leading employers.

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Supporting individuals facing adversity

In 2020, Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors was forced to take a 941 day break from the NBA due to career-threatening injuries. Those days off the court shaped Klay in ways he never expected.

From his struggles arose The 941 Project: an organization that helps people recover from adversity and gives them the necessary resources to make their career comeback.



“The chat system worked really well and we were able to do phone calls, video and interviews. We got some really good candidates that are currently in process. It was a seamless process for sure."

Hiring Manager, Wells Fargo

"I will brag to my boss about how smooth things went, the ease of the platform, the great talent I met and the resumes we received."

Hiring Manager, Capgemini

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Elevate your team with CareerCircle’s talent network on February 29th. We're bridging the gaps between the talent landscape and your workforce needs. Connect with our team to secure your spot.

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Connect with our team to secure your spot!